PROGRAM GOAL:  Organize volunteer clean-up crews to bag up and haul off the junk that has accumulated on our mountain, and turn that effort into gold for other improvement projects!

As we all know, the Property Owner's Association has the responsibility to ensure properties are kept clean and has the ability to charge property owners for the effort required.  However, they don't have the man-power to make that happen.  Land Trust volunteers could provide that man-power and charge the property owner for the clean-up through the policing powers of the POA.

This is a win-win for everyone!  Volunteers get to see their efforts make a difference both on the land and through the Trust, the POA gets the help they need to keep our mountain trash-free, and property owners get a low cost solution to keeping their property free of trash from squatters and other less-than-reputable people.

NEXT STEPS:   We need to discuss this proposal with the POA Board to determine if they want to partner on this project.   We also need volunteers willing to help with clean-up.  We anticipate hosting our first clean-up effort in late-September  of 2016.

WHAT DO YOU THINK?  Please use the comment area below to share your thoughts and ideas.  If you want to volunteer or donate to this project, please use the Comment Form to let us know!

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