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Many of us that live in Modoc County are retired or semi-retired.  Although I have only been in the area for four years, I have been amazed at the tremendous talent that I have found here.   In addition to farmers and ranchers (whose hard-working families and employees are usually skilled in handling heavy equipment, and in building and repairing a wide variety of things), there are bankers, insurance brokers, real estate professionals, cooks, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, retail business operators, artists, writers, administrators, health care professionals and more.  We are all needed to make communities work, and we are all needed to transform California Pines!

The California Pines Trust has the following openings for volunteers.  These positions are open to anyone interested in seeing California Pines flourish as both a community and a natural wonderland to explore with your family and friends, whether you live in California Pines are not!  We should not forget that California Pines is part of Modoc County, and it can be a wonderful amenity for all the residents here.  Let's work together to  make that happen. 

All volunteers will work in teams, and will be invited to participate in Land Trust events and celebrations. 

Use the Contact Form on this page to let us know if you are interested in helping with any of the following:

TRAIL BLAZERS.   The Trail Blazer team will design and build a non-motorized riding and hiking trail system in California Pines.  We will work with the Property Owner's Association (POA), various County Departments, the Forest Service, BLM and private property owners to put together a network of trails that are available to the general public.  This work will be completed in two phases:

  1. PLANNING:  For this phase we need anyone who enjoys that outdoors that also has a passion for getting ideas down on paper.  That will include: land planners, landscape architects, biologists, botanist, artists (including graphic artists and draftsman), surveyors, and anyone who has done this work in the past for other non-profits or government entities, or that has contacts within the County, POA, Forest Service, BLM, or forestry industry.
  2. BUILDING:  For this phase, we need the movers and a the shaker's (literally!).  This will be the team that puts our plans on the ground.  Qualifications for this work include:  Anyone who enjoys getting outdoors and getting dirty.  We will particularly need people who are skilled at  building, chain saw operation, heavy equipment operation, and anyone who is willing to clear ground.

CELEBRATION TEAM.   Every success for the Land Trust is a reason for Celebration!   We will need volunteers to help make these celebrations special in every way.  For this team, we need cooks, BBQ specialists, mixologists, party planners, decorators, caterers, musicians, and more.  Be part of the FUN!

DREAM TEAM.  This group will be in charge of facility planning and building. Members of this group should be particularly interested in building construction and renovation.  Our first project will be the purchase and renovation of a community center for the Hill area, and the TEAM's work will begin as soon as a suitable property can be secured, so please let us know if you are willing to volunteer your time for this task so we can hit the ground running!

FUNDRAISING TEAM.  Owning and managing property is expensive, particularly when you are making it available to community use.  So, the FUNDRAISING TEAM will have a lot on their plate!  Volunteers interested in helping raise funds for the Land Trust should be fun-loving, optimistic, and community-oriented.  It would also help to be good at writing or speaking to a large group, assisting with games, soliciting prizes, researching the Internet, and sharing ideas.

CLEAN TEAM.   The Trust hopes to enter into an agreement with the POA to handle the clean-up of targeted properties in exchange for membership dues that will be owned by the Trust.   It will be the CLEAN TEAM who will  be periodically called upon to clean up these properties, and their work will be wildly celebrated by the Trust (and the CELEBRATION TEAM)!  Volunteers for the CLEAN TEAM should enjoy being outdoors and love physical labor, as you will be called upon to pick up and haul trash of all kinds! 

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