Thursday, April 27, 2017


I was recently asked, "Does the Land Trust have any specific goals and do we need volunteers?" The short answer is "YES!". Our most immediate goals are as follows:

LAKE UNITS: If we can get the cooperation of the POA and the surrounding ranchers, we would like to help improve the quality of the bird habitat around Donovan Reservoir (known locally as "The Lake") and perhaps build an exercise circuit around the lake with observation and fishing platforms.  We have submitted two grant funding requests to help with this project.  One request was declined, and one is still outstanding.  We will continue to search for other funding opportunities as well, but could really use some community support to help land these grants. 

HILL UNITS: We are looking to acquire property suitable for a Nature Center that can also serve as a community gathering spot in the Hill Units and as a Land Trust office. The Center would have a large BBQ pit and bon fire area, a signed "native plant" hiking path, information on the wildlife here, an indoor gathering area for group events, maps of the mountain, and other amenities that might be helpful to the community and its visitors.  Ideally, the property would be accessible year-round, have an existing structure, a good well and access to power.  Any ideas for a location?  Want to help make this happen?

HOW YOU CAN HELP: If any of this sounds like a good idea to you, please become a member of the Land Trust by clicking on the "Pay Now" button in the right column (you can find more information on the benefits of becoming a Sponsor by going to the "Becoming a Member or Program Sponsor" page noted above).   We can really use your support!  A show of community support (through membership) helps to land grant funds (and may help convince the POA and County to work with us). It also helps provide the necessary funding to make these improvements. We also plan to work on removing debris on the mountain this summer and could use volunteers for our work parties! What do you say?

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