Saturday, March 11, 2017

Cornell Lab Grant Request Requires Matching Funds from Land Trust

In our continuing search for funds to improve California Pines, the Land Trust has submitted a $5,000 Grant request to Cornell Lab's Small Grant Program under the Land Trust Bird Conservation Initiative.  If awarded, funds will be used to help develop a long-term conservation agreement for the Donovan Reservoir satisfactory to all stakeholders that includes parameters for water use and retention, livestock grazing, recreational boating and fishing, hiking and jogging trail alignment and design, habitat maintenance requirements, and easement requirements on private land.  The agreement will be a first step toward securing building and maintenance funds for all of the above.

Grant awards are expected to be decided by April 30th, and will require matching funds from the Land Trust.  Do you want to see this project happen?  JOIN THE LAND TRUST TODAY!

Cornell Labs' Land Trust Bird Conservation Mission: To support land trusts and their partners in accomplishing bird conservation on private lands through acquisition/easements, habitat planning, outreach, and research.

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