Monday, November 14, 2016


The California Pines Community Land Trust is now listed as a supported charity on SMILE AMAZON!   This means that if you log into Amazon by using, and enter the Land Trust as your charity, Amazon will donate a portion of their profits to us automatically! is the same great site as, all the products and prices are the same, and if you are an Amazon Prime member on one site, you are also a Prime member on the other site. is really just a "back door" entry into  I don't know why they don't just have one way to log in, but some things are just destined to be a mystery in life.

However, ours is not to wonder why, our goal is to get more community purchasing power going back into the COMMUNITY!  So, do all of us a favor.  Log into right now, use your normal password to get in, and follow the instructions to designate us as your charity.  Then, every time you go to Amazon be sure to use the entry point.  You, and the rest of the community, will be happy you did!

Sunday, November 13, 2016

What can the Land Trust do for Me?

I have been asked what advantage the Land Trust is to property owners in Cal Pines. I have to say, that does depend upon what you want out of Cal Pines.

If you like the idea of living in a high density development with people "camping" in tents and lean-tos all year on the property next to your house without proper sanitary facilities, and cooking their meals over open fires (even in dry summer months, when we might all go up in flames), while POA fees continue to increase because the POA is obligated to maintain the miles and miles of roadways that serve the "campers", then the Land Trust will really not help you achieve your dreams here.

However, if you envision a tranquil affordable country home where you can be surrounded by an abundance of wildlife and have to strain your ears to hear your neighbors, camping facilities with all the amenities are available in clustered campgrounds for anyone to use at an affordable price during the summer, all-year "camping" in inappropriate structures is discouraged, POA fees remain modest with plenty of funds to maintain the public roads, and property values stabilize (and, dare we hope, rise?), then the Land Trust will be a critical partner to you, the POA, CSD, and the County in making this happen.

HOW? The Land Trust can help with:

-> REDUCING DEVELOPMENT DENSITY in areas that cannot support it by encouraging voluntary lot mergers and the creation of open space for wildlife corridors and hiking trails.

-> ADVOCATING FOR CHANGES IN DEVELOPMENT RULES AND REGULATIONS to encourage property investment rather than the building of ramshackle huts and the abandonment of recreational vehicles.

-> PROVIDING ECONOMIC RELIEF TO PROPERTY OWNERS who want OUT of Cal Pines by helping them find buyers for their property or accepting their land as a donation rather than abandoning them in their struggle to pay the taxes and fees they no longer feel they can afford.

-> STABILIZING THE REVENUE STREAM OF THE COUNTY, POA, AND CSD by finding ways to reduce their maintenance and enforcement burdens and stabilize property values. This effort is critical for all parties as these entities are the only ones available to protect and maintain Cal Pines.

-> IMPROVING AMENITIES AVAILABLE TO VISITORS AND OWNERS ALIKE by teaming with the POA, CSD and County to focus grant funding and volunteer efforts on habitat restoration, trail building and park development.

-> BUILDING COMMUNITY by providing a gathering spot for property owners and their guests in one of the Hill Units. In addition to being a place to relax and unwind among your friends, the "Community Center" will serve the important function of building solidarity and understanding among residents, and can provide some important amenities that many seasonal visitors may not have on their property, like laundry facilities, an RV dump, a water source (sold in small batches to members only to discourage illegal "grows"), and shower facilities.

What else can the Land Trust do? We are only limited to our imaginations, but the fact is, it can do nothing without your help.  We hope you will consider making a donation to this effort.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Land Trust Takes Over Hosting of "Available Properties" Site

Do you have property you are trying to buy or sell in California Pines?  You should have it listed on the Available California Pines Properties blog!   The Land Trust is now hosting this blog, and your listing is FREE, whether you are a property owner, potential purchaser or a Real Estate Agent.  Check it out!

NOTE TO PROPERTY OWNERS:  Any property owner selling or leasing five or more legal lots in California Pines (or any subdivision in California) must complete  a "Notice of Intention" with the California Department of Real Estate, and obtain a preliminary, conditional or final Public Report from them before they can offer the properties for sale or lease (pursuant to the DRE Subdivision Public Report Application Guide, Section IV, Subsection A).