Wednesday, October 26, 2016

County Board of Supervisors Approves Funding for Review of Cal Pines Issues

While attending a meeting with County staff regarding the huge number of Cal Pines properties that are expected to be put up for tax sale next year, I found out the County Board of Supervisors approved funding for Planning staff to work with the Cal Pines community to try to identify and find solutions to some of its outstanding issues.  This is GREAT news!  Money is in VERY short supply all over the County, so it is a real boon to Cal Pines that County funds have been earmarked for us in the current budget.

When asked what issues would be addressed, staff indicated they would be contacting the Property Owners Association and the Community Service District, as well as other interest groups, to get their help in identifying issues and solutions.  They need to come up with a plan by June of 2017 that will bring tangible results.

So, watch for the announcements from Modoc County, and participate in the meetings!  This is a wonderful chance to bring about a positive change for Cal Pines, so I am hoping when the time comes, we will all get together and help.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

GoFundMe Campaign Launched!

We have started a campaign to raise seed money to get our work started in California Pines! Please take a look, and donate if you can.  We have big plans that will help all the property owners in California Pines, but we need your help to get started.